Four hot application areas of water based industrial coating

Four hot spots of water industrial coatings

2011 industrial paint in the paint industry in China to enhance the proportion. In the future, the development and application of hot will focus in the field of anti-corrosion coatings, coil coatings, functional coatings, waterborne wood coatings, especially in anti-corrosion coatings as the focus.

1 anticorrosive paint

Waterborne anti-corrosion coatings mainly include metal structure corrosion coatings, marine facilities and container corrosion protection coatings. Our country waterborne anti-corrosion coating market with its growth, has become a well-known paint companies competing for the market, such as water paint, in Boye million tons to invest and build factories. The application of waterborne anti-corrosion coatings in the field of heavy anti-corrosion coatings is on the rise, such as the foundation construction, oil and gas and power industry, as well as industrial tank, marine and chemical industry, etc.. The practical application indicates that the corrosion resistant coatings can provide effective protection for steel under extreme conditions. Because water is they are the main solvent. Water can also be used for cleaning and dilution water paint, almost none of them flavor solvent, at the same time, using water-based paint can also bring lower cost to the user, such as quick can save time, low flammability can reduce the cost of insurance and less indoor ventilation can reduce energy consumption, and do not require solvent and cleaning agent cost, supporting the use of single layer coating, eliminating downtime and erecting scaffolding costs.

2 coil coating

In recent years, the application of color plate in China's construction industry has been quietly rising, driven by the development of coil coatings. Previous coil coatings have been overcapacity, disorderly competition in the market price of the situation, but after the rational development in recent years, which fluorocarbon coil coating, high durability coil coatings, self clean of coil coatings and processing properties of coil coatings into R & D hot, some varieties has begun to industrial production.

3 functional coatings

China is building saving society, with insulation supporting energy-saving exterior wall coating and with solar reflective thermal control coating, has gradually become one of the research hotspots, the nano composite coatings is force of functional coatings. The, the nano transparent heat insulation coating is the new darling of the energy saving and environmental protection coating and nano composite inner wall coatings with antibacterial, odor and free formaldehyde removal efficacy is new home green paint.

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